Microblading London

Are your brows sparse or over-plucked? Do you want to get well-defined and beautifully arched eyebrows? Then you can book an appointment with us for Microblading Treatment. Microblading is a popular tattooing technique that involves adding semi-permanent pigment to the skin using a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles. Our microblading treatment can truly transform your appearance.



Semi-permanent Lip Blush is one of our most popular lip treatments that can give you fuller and younger-looking lips. No need to worry about constantly reapplying lipstick or gloss. Our process begins with defining the lip borders and cupid bow. Next, we add a custom blended colour to the lips. You can rest assured that we will use the type of shade that you prefer. Book your appointment today!


Eyelash Extensions/ Lash Lift London

Imagine waking up with long, luxurious, and beautiful eyelashes every day. It would be great, right? At Browboutique, we offer high-quality eyelash extensions/lash lift services in London. We offer a wide range of lashes, including classic lashes, volume lashes, hybrid lashes, mega volume lashes, and more. You can choose a package as per your choice and preferences. Contact us today! 

Ombre-Powder Brows London

If you want to get well-defined and beautiful brows that can create an immediate, positive impact, then you can consider taking our Ombre-Powder Brows treatment. We offer several options for permanent brows. These include microblading, hair stroke brows, powder brows, Ombre, 3D brows, and more. We specialize in creating eyebrows that look natural. Contact us to learn more about our brow treatments!

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Plasma Lift London

Plasma Lift Treatment is a popular way to treat fine lines and sagging without fillers or surgery. This procedure is also known as Fibroblast. It involves using an extremely accurate hand-held device that works by utilizing the voltage in the air between the natural gasses emitted from our skin and the device’s tip. This treatment instantly tightens wrinkles. It also helps smooth uneven surfaces.

Saline Tattoo Removal London

When you need to remove microblading or permanent makeup eyebrows, you can opt for our Saline Tattoo Removal service. We have trained technicians who can help you with eyebrow emergencies. During the treatment, we use a saline solution that closely resembles our skin’s natural pH. You can rest assured that it won’t cause damage to your skin. Get in touch with us to know more about this treatment.


Combo Eyebrow London

Combo Eyebrow is a technique (a form of cosmetic tattooing) that combines microblading and powder brows (shading). It creates an added polish and gives you a natural makeup result. A pen-like tool is used to place microblading hair-strokes around the border of the brow. The powder effect is then added to the body of the brow, giving a full, fluffy brow look. Contact us now to book your appointment.

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My experience was professional as can be from start to finish. Eva is outstanding and I felt extremely comfortable the whole time .
The Results of my treatment are phenomenal and im incredibly pleased & grateful.
Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


About Eva, what can I say. Absolutely professional, knows her work, definitely trust her magical hands with microblading work. Affordable price! You are definitely in safe hands. You will definitely love your self more and will be more confident. Thank you Eva my 🌟

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I am very satisfied with my new eyebrows and lips. Eva is professional and knows what she is doing. I got exactly what I was hoping for. Highly recommended!!!