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Plasma Lift

Do you seek an effective plasma lift in London but are not sure which aesthetic studio to visit? Come and contact Brow Boutique London! Plasma Lift is a plasma fibroblast treatment used to deliver brighter and more youthful skin.  If you are looking for a nonsurgical anti-ageing solution that is quick and longer lasting – we recommend Plasma Lift. Our technicians use the latest tools for Plasma Lift to offer reduced fine lines, wrinkles, better skin texture, tightened pores in a safe process. To learn more, book an appointment today.

  • How is the pigment applied?
    Brow bouique uses a machine to implant a pigment into the outer layers of the skin that can last up to 36 months, depending on skin type.
  • How long should I allow for my lip blushing appointment?
    You will need to allow three hours
  • What can I expect during my lip blushing appointment?
    We will have a chat and I will ask you to fill out a consent form. Numbing cream will be applied to numb the treatment area. Your lip contour shape will be drawn on using a special pencil. We will consult about the drawn lip shape and your procedure won't start until you are 100% happy with the drawn shape. Numbing gel is reapplied throughout the procedure.
  • How noticeable will it be that I've had a procedure?
    There will be some swelling the first day. I don’t recommend having a cosmetic tattoo procedure within a week before a special occasion. As the lips heal, the pigment will deepen in colour before fading away. This can take 3-10 days.
  • What will I need to do at home during the healing process?
    I recommend a ‘dry heal’. This means the area treated shouldn't be exposed to water, oils, rich moisturisers, active ingredients or heavy makeup for the first seven days. Don't scrub or wash your lips for seven days. Dab your lips with damp cotton pad several times a day for the first 2 days and apply the vitamin a & d Avoid sweating and sun exposure as this will affect your healing and pigment retention. The colour will appear very rich for 48 hours immediately after the treatment then begin to fade away in the days to follow.
  • How long is the total healing time?
    It can take up to six weeks to fully heal.
  • What should I expect after my procedure?
    After five to seven days the lips will start to exfoliate dead skin cells and the colour depth will fade. The top layer will flake away leaving a softer and lighter colour below. You may feel the pigment has lightened significantly but it will resurface as your skin heals. On your top up session I will assess how your lips have retained the pigment. This is why a second procedure is necessary. If the colour is too light once healed, I will make adjustments during the touch up appointment. It's easier to add and darken pigment than to remove it.
  • I'm prone to cold sores, can I still have lip blushing?"
    if you suffer from cold sores, you should complete a course of anti-viral medication prior to booking a lip blush treatment and let us know you have cold sores.
  • I have anti-wrinkle injections and / or lip fillers, does that affect lip blushing procedures?"
    If you have a lip fillers , do not undergo any cosmetic tattoo procedures with 14 days of injections. I also suggest waiting a week to 10 days to allow any swelling associated with the permanent makeup application to subside before having any injectables post a cosmetic tattoo procedures. Swelling from this procedure can obscure the shape of your lips and may not give optimal augmentation.

Day of Treatment:

On the treatment day, it is recommended that no make-up is worn on the treatment area. You may take an anti-histamine 30 minutes prior to your appointment to help with swelling and continue to take antihistamines for 2-3 days following your appointment.

A numbing agent is applied and left to take effect for up to 30 minutes. When the treatment area is sufficiently numb, the session begins with multiple connections of the fibroblast tip, spaced closely together. You may feel some heat in the treatment area, which may be uncomfortable and slightly irritating. Treatment time is usually between 10-40 minutes, depending on the size of the area. Immediately after treatment the area may be red and mildly swollen with small carbon crusts (spots). You may experience a sensation similar to a sun burn which will likely last a few hours. Swelling may intensify over the following few hours and more so when eyes are treated and may last 2-3 days. The carbon crusts will lift within 5 -12 days depending on the individual and area treated. Results gradually improve over the course of the following 8 weeks.

Following the treatment, you will be given thorough aftercare instructions to ensure that you see the best results. In the week following the treatment (or until the treatment area has fully healed) an exfoliating wash or cleanser should not be used. Instead opt for a pH balanced soap (dove), and avoid rubbing the area.

plasma lifting skin tightening
plasma fibroblast


It is recommended that sun protection of SPF 30-50 be used daily for at least 2 weeks prior to the
Plasma Lift treatment(s).

Skincare products with ingredients such as retinols, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), tretinoin or any type of Vitamin A derivatives should be avoided.

Stay out of the sun, tanning salons and refrain from using any self-tanning products for 3 weeks.
Your practitioner may prescribe medicine even if you do not have a history of cold sores or if you have other contra-indications which may put you at risk of developing side effects following treatment.

As a patient, I understand that all treatment, medical history, hold harmless and waiver forms must be completed and signed to ensure that you have understood the potential benefits and risks associated with the Plasma Lift procedure(s). I also understand that I will receive the best, safest, and most successful treatment possible.
Photographs will be taken by the technician “before and after” treatment (standing or sitting up) as well as at a later date for comparison.


Most people will experience a mild burning sensation immediately following any Plasma Lift procedure.
This is similar to a sunburn that should resolve within a few hours. However, this depends upon your sensitivity tolerance and this discomfort may last longer. If you feel particularly uncomfortable, anti-inflammatories such as Advil or anti-histamines such as Benadryl is suggested. It is up to the individual to decide on self-medication.
As a natural healing response, it is usual for the treated area to become swollen, especially around the more delicate area such as the eyes. Ice packs not only soothes but also helps the swelling. Recovery can vary depending on your natural rate of recovery. Most people find it only lasts a few days. In extreme cases (specifically if clients do not follow aftercare guidelines), the swelling can last several days longer and may interfere with vision if Plasma Lift treatment was performed in the eye area.

Initially after treatment and up to 3 days later, there may be occasional weeping. This is the natural healing response to the plasma lift procedure.

As the treated area begins to heal, you will notice the drying out process whereby a brown/black crust develops on the surface of the skin. This will flake off after a few days but in some cases can take up to 10 days.
DO NOT PICK the crusting as it can lead to infection or scarring. It is important to keep this area clean.
It is strongly advised that you use an SPF 30-50 sunscreen (throughout the year including the coldermonths) to avoid sunburn as the area’s sensitivity to sunlight will be heightened for up to 3-4 months post Plasma Lift procedure. Boiled lukewarm water is best for cleaning the treated area(s). DO NOT use alcohol-based cleansers as this will slow down the healing process.

If at any time the treated area(s) become too hot, red or shows sign of pus, please contact us or your doctor for advice as you may be developing an infection. For optimum results, more than one Plasma Lift treatment is usually needed and can be performed typically 8-12 weeks onwards after the initial procedure.
It is important that these crusts are not removed (never scratch, otherwise a scar will remain). Instead, twice daily in the morning and in the evening, carefully clean the areas, then disinfect it with distilled water spray and gently dab with a clean, lint-free cloth. Then apply provided ointment twice daily.
After the independent peeling of the scab crusts (typically the 5t-8 days), pink/red skin forms.
Sunscreen lotion of SPF50 is recommended 6 months post Plasma Lift treatment.
Swimming and sauna activities are only permitted 2 weeks post treatment and once all the crusts have fallen off the skin surface and the wound is completely healed and closed.
Smokers may experience a significant worsening of the blood flow, which increases the risk of wound healing and/or slowed healing.

Note that after the crusts are lost, slight redness may remain in the following weeks to months. It
usually takes 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer) until the skin has reached its normal color again.
Follow up treatment will not be before 8 weeks from the first treatment date.


Plasma lift

skin tightening

Plasma fibroblast-skin tightening (deposit required)


Please note a £50 of none refundable deposit is required in order to book your appointment.
Once you have made the appointment in our booking system, please make the deposit payment straight away with your name as a reference. We will make a note on your booking "deposit paid"

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My experience was professional as can be from start to finish. Eva is outstanding and I felt extremely comfortable the whole time .
The Results of my treatment are phenomenal and im incredibly pleased & grateful.
Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


About Eva, what can I say. Absolutely professional, knows her work, definitely trust her magical hands with microblading work. Affordable price! You are definitely in safe hands. You will definitely love your self more and will be more confident. Thank you Eva my 🌟

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I am very satisfied with my new eyebrows and lips. Eva is professional and knows what she is doing. I got exactly what I was hoping for. Highly recommended!!!

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