Lip Blush Treatment London

Semi-permanent lip blushing enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them a boost of vitality and colour. It's is a popular semi-permanent make up treatment that gives a flush of colour and defines the lip contours.

We use the world-famous pigments & needles from Tina Davies. With us you are in safe hands. Your safety is our priority.


●        Lip Definition

●        Subtle Or Bold Color

●        Wake Up With Make Up

●        Correct Uneven Lips

●        Dark Lip Neutralization




We are offering Semi-permanent lip blush packages in London. We use high-class pigments and needles from Tina Davies. Book our package now.

Pigment - Tina Davies

1 Session £300 

FREE Top Up  4-8 weeks


I highly recommend booking in a consultation where we can discuss all the details from A to Z.

I would like to show you all the colours I work with so we can choose the best shade. Most of the people when they hear lip tattoo, imagine the old style 20 years ago thick lip line or super saturated dark red colour. We don’t do his nowadays. Pigments, needles, and techniques have improved over the years. Lip blush can be as subtle or as bold as you wish to be. It’s just a matter of personal choice and preference.

 I usually draw the shape with pencil on the consultation  so the client can visualize the outcome. This will give you a good idea of the whole process and what to expect.

Allergy /patch test is done on the consultation.



Lip blush-Ombre lips (£50 deposit required)

Lip blush/Ombre lips full session (£50 deposit required)


Please note after you book your appointment you will be asked to make a £50 deposit to secure your space.

Duration : 2h 30min

Lip blush|Ombre lips top up 4-6 weeks (£50 deposit required)


Duration : 1 Hours


Please note a £50 of none refundable deposit is required in order to book your appointment.
Once you have made the appointment in our booking system, please make the deposit payment straight away with your name as a reference. We will make a note on your booking "deposit paid"

Pay deposit Here 

See What our Clients Have Reviewed about our Work

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My experience was professional as can be from start to finish. Eva is outstanding and I felt extremely comfortable the whole time .
The Results of my treatment are phenomenal and im incredibly pleased & grateful.
Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


About Eva, what can I say. Absolutely professional, knows her work, definitely trust her magical hands with microblading work. Affordable price! You are definitely in safe hands. You will definitely love your self more and will be more confident. Thank you Eva my 🌟

unnamed (2).png

I am very satisfied with my new eyebrows and lips. Eva is professional and knows what she is doing. I got exactly what I was hoping for. Highly recommended!!!